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    GamerPro - Mobile Phone Keyboard and Mouse Set

    $44.99 USD
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    GamerPro - Mobile Phone Keyboard and Mouse Set

    Use this GamePro-mobile mouse and keyboard set to ensure you win in every game with better control and quick response!GamerPro allows you to bring your PC gaming skills to mobile games. Compared with traditional touch screen controls, this setting allows you to control the game through the mouse and keyboard. This results in faster game response and control.

    The game set is equipped with a converter between the mobile phone and the mouse and keyboard, 35-key one-handed keyboard operation and optical mouse. Just connect the Bluetooth converter to the mobile phone, and insert the keyboard and mouse, you can quickly experience the upgraded mobile game experience!Features:
    1. Game-level mechanical blue switch-The excellent keyboard adopts 35 optimized button designs, with an enhanced mechanical blue switch. This ensures that there are no ghosts and conflicts. .... Just responsive, point-and-click haptic feedback! Side keys can also be programmed via keyboard combination keys, hot keys or macros
    2. Color LED backlight-fully adjustable color and brightness configuration
    3. Optimized key function Click the arrow key mode to let you enjoy the auxiliary game key function! The CAPS key can use the "map" button of games such as PUBG, and then you can use the F1 to F5 keys to cycle through different refactoring options, or set traps in games such as Fortnite.
    4. Slide-type palm rest-The ergonomically designed palm rest is adjustable and detachable, bringing you absolute gaming comfort! To detach, simply pull it to the left. To reconnect, simply push it to the right. Then slide it to any position that suits you!
    5. Universal compatibility-compatible with Android and iOS devices, smartphones and tablets.

    The packaging includes:
    -1 x converter base
    -1 x one-handed keyboard
    -1 x mouse
    -1 xUSB cable
    -1 x manual

    $44.99 USD
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